hausmeister heuser a.k.a. Jochen Heuser (04.12.1949) was born and raised in the city of Leverkusen. He, the first born of five children, became addicted to painting in the wake of his 68th birthday though he never studied art, never learned painting and never thought of himself as a painter since he left his childhood days behind.
As a young man he was a great basketball player, so some of his old friends remembered him. He loved and witnessed the „revolutionary“ days of pop music throughout the 60’s. He became a man who knows, a „dictionary“ of all kinds of popular music, though he never ever practiced it, never ever played in a band. He went to university, listened to lectures on sociology, literature, psychology and a good measure of philosophy, while time as well as the times went by.
Finally, meanwhile in his thirties,  he , after some inevitable ups and downs ended up with a degree in educational sciences. Some years before he had found the love of his life, married her short before he left university and a few years later the couple had two children. While his wife earned the money for their daily bread, at home he ran the family, only by occasions interrupted by him working in a record shop. All worked well, the grown up children left their home to lead their own lives, and the remaining couple enjoyed their happy relationship with some short trips for the baltic sea on weekends.
It was there that he sitting on the beach while his wife had left for swimming, fumbled with „the alien“ in his hand, his „new“ smartphone (a gift for Christmas!). A sudden curiosity led him to the graffiti button. After pressing it, the display offered eight colors and a brush to use them. First he wrote greetings to family members on some photos he had taken, then he started painting mustaches on clean faces. He was amused and smiled. The inner child awoke and he was on the hook of something that changed his life in many ways since then.
He, some may say: the old man, started his explorations of the possibilities of this medium of the young. The photographs taken were the basis of his paintings, but he stretched the boundaries. He redefined the frames, freed the pictures from context, he invented new contexts, he freed the lines from content, he sampled objects from other pictures, used them as communicators inside the original picture and many more. From the very beginning he developed what one may call today his artistically unlimited program. After about one and a half year of experimenting he’s still restless. There are about 400 paintings, that document this process. Many of them are nameless, buried under the cascades of new ones. Some of them are gathered here on this site, christened for the first time, resurrected from the vaults. This all will be happening right here, on his first, his one and only website. And of course, what future may bring,  you will find it here. New ideas, new paintings, new art. Like this page, share it with your friends, and have a chat with the artist, but don’t forget. He’s always busy, it seems. Art comes first. But I’m not quite sure wether these would be the artist’s own words. Once, while listening to a high-brow discussion of well-educated men, he whispered in my ear „I give a shit about art, that’s not my business. For me this is all pop, good or bad, you may like it or not, that’s fine!“

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